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Maybe - Epilogue

This is an epilogue of:

Wow, I can't believe I can finally be with her. I would have to lie if I said that I didn't miss his old body, but look at her, she is perfect. I never thought I would enjoy sleeping with a girl so much. I love grabbing her perfect ass and fingering her little pussy. And telling from her moans, she enjoys it as well! She also likes being fucked with a strap-on and seeing her enjoy getting fucked makes me so wet. Sometimes we even go to bars and pick up a lucky guy that gets to fuck us but we kick him out as soon as his job is done.
The Great Shift was the best thing that could have happened to us!

Wrong Treatment

When he visited the clinic for his bi-yearly routine checkup, the clinic made a mistake and injected him with nanobots meant for a full body alteration.

As soon as the bots were in his system, they started reshaping his body. Within a few minutes it was replaced with the sensual body of a blonde woman. And not just any woman. Long blonde hair, delicate skin, a nice round ass, tiny waist and massive breasts. He, now she, was perfect.

A change so drastic means that the patient can't undergo another nanobot treatment for at least 6 months and the clinic offered him a million dollars if he didn't mention the mishap to anyone.

Since his original treatment didn't include a body alteration, they couldn't just apply for a new ID for him and if he was caught without one they would be in massive trouble. As part of the agreement they would house him in private resort that belongs to the clinic and in 6 months, just in time for his next checkup, they would restore his original body with the bots they didn't use this time.

He agreed under the condition that he could at least tell his girlfriend and that she could visit him at any time.

When she came to see him for the first time they both were shocked how natural it was for him to be a woman. Not only did the nanobots alter his body, they also rewired his brain. He felt sexy and confident. He truly was that blonde bombshell in every way imaginable. His girlfriend was always a bit bicurious and after the first day of passionate lesbian sex they both realised that they don't want to go back to their old life. 

They came up with a plan. Over the next few weeks they gathered as much evidence that they could on his transformation. They even recorded some videos of him pleasuring himself in his new body (which admittedly were more for his girlfiend than any real evidence) and prepared to blackmail the clinic. They would release all the evidence they had, showing that they didn't just mishandle the bots but also tried to cover up their mistakes if the clinic didn't agree to their demands.

Their demands were simple. During her next routine checkup, his girlfriend would ask for a new body. They will offer her the exact same bombshell body, down to the last bit of DNA and fingerprints. She would turn into a copy of her bombshell boyfriend and because it was all in the books, they could give her a new ID.

The clinic agreed (they didn't have much choice anyway) and they now both live as two sexy women.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Could be fun

It took some time but after months of searching on the SwapApp I found the perfect girl to trade bodies with. The SwapApp is being used by many people for temporary body swaps. Going on holidays, attending meeting, or just some sexual fun. But I wanted something different, I wanted to be a girl for the rest of my life. It took a long time to find someone who wanted to swap permanently.

Angela had the perfect body. She was cute and sexy at the same time. She also liked me and my body and we began chatting. We wanted to know as much as possible about each other and we talked for weeks. I found out that she was bisexual and loves to be fucked from behind, but grew tired of her life and wants a fresh start. I was insanely attracted to her and very quickly we began sending each other arousing pictures and videos.

She lived on another continent and we both knew our new lifes would be very different, so in addition to swapping our bodies we agreed to swap some knowledge about our new gender, some language and for the fun of it, our sexual preferences.

After the swap, we continued to keep in touch. In a weird way, we were each others closest friends. I sent him a video of me as a Thank You, knowing that his new body will like it for sure. And while I did that, I couldn't stop thinking of being fucked by my former penis. Maybe I will visit him one day, it could be fun.

Model in this caption: VeeVonSweets


The Great Shift caused global chaos. Most forms of transport were unavailable and the few international flights were reserved for governments for months. During this time, the most important form of communication were apps and social media, after all, you can always login into your account even from a strangers phone.

Day 1
Once the internet started working again, Dan, now in the body of an 18 year old petite girl in Europe, immediately started messaging his girlfriend. His girlfriend was unshifted and after hearing that her boyfriend is now a girl, she demanded to see a picture of him.

"I don't want to take a picture of this body, this is not me."
"Come on honey, I want to see who you turned into."
"Oh wow, you are super cute! But whats with the baggy clothes?"

"Well these are the least girly clothes she has."
"But you are a girl now, what's so bad about wearing girly clothes?"
"I just don't want to be reminded of me being a girl. Thats so unfair! we were about to get married, and now I'm 18 and a girl! "
"No honey, I'm not, but we will figure something out, I still love you, no matter what."

Day 14

"Finally Danny!"
"Stop calling me that. I'm only wearing this because the other clothes are in the wash."
"It really suits you though."
"Duh, of course it does. This girl choose them after all. She only has sexy clothes and they are really tight"
"Hah, you played a bit of dress up then :). How are you liking your new body?"
"It's ok I guess"

Day 28

"All I am saying is that you're really hot"
"You think so?"
"Ya, and I am happy that you are finally showing some skin"
"I just want to go to the pool and relax for a bit, that is the least revealing swimwear she has"
"Swimwear that you have. And I'm sure you'll be turning some heads"

Day 45
"How are the orgasms?"
"They are pretty good"
"Hah, I knew it! Took you long enough to explore your body. Come on, show me what you're wearing"
"You are a little minx, aren't you? Now tell me, when you masturbate, who do you think of?"
"What? Of course I think of you"
"Don't lie to me, Danny."
"Well, I look at myself in the mirror...and I find this body really hot, but..."
"I also think of guys...not guys...but their dicks....fucking me...real hard"
"It's OK honey, its normal, you are a girl after all. See it this way, being bi-sexual means have twice as many people that you can have sex with and with a body like that, you can get anyone, boy or girl, you might even have turned me gay with this pic."
"But I only want to be with you, I love you"
"I love you too, but they said on the news planes won't be available for another 6 months at least. I remember what it feels like to be 18 and you must be going crazy inside that sexy body. I will always love you and I give you permission to explore that new side of yours."

Day 60
"What do you think if this dress?"
"You look so hot!"
"You think?"
"Totally. Who are you trying to impress?"
"Come on Danny, I know when a girl dresses up to get laid. You can tell me"
"He's just a friend"
"Of course ;)"

Day 75
"Honey, I...uh.. I have a confession to make. Last night I went to a party...and I kinda ended up at his place...but it didn't mean anything, I just felt a bit... you know... I am sorry."
"Sweetie, don't be, you gave me permission to explore, and I should have given you the same. I am not forgiving you because there's nothing to forgive. I love you and I know you love me too, and I am glad you are also having fun :). Here, let me cheer you up"

Day 89

"If he doesn't immediately rip off those clothes he's probably gay. Are you looking forward to it?"
"Yes I do!"
"Let me know how it was. You know, picturing your little body being fucked is a massive turn on"
"Oh, if that's the case, here is a picture from yesterday :)"

Day 90
"How was it?"
"Amazing! I can't believe you girls feel like this during sex."
"How often did you come?"
"I think just once, but it was really intense and long...I screamed a bit"
"Wow, my girlfriend is a screamer :)"
"I guess I am. I am happy that I finally did it, even though I think still like girls more, but being fucked by a guy was even better than when I masturbated"
"Maybe you are doing it wrong ;)"
"Well maybe you show me when I can finally fly over to you next month ;)"
"Maybe, and if its no good we can go out find a guy for a threesome, would you like that?"
"Maybe ;)"

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Long Distance Body Swap #1 [Standalone]

Models in this caption: Jenna Sativa, April O'Neil
Video title: "Lesbian chick Jenna seduces April for an office fuck"

Maybe - Epilogue

This is an epilogue of: Wow, I can't believe I can finally be with her....